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"There is nothing stronger than all the armies of the world, and that is an idea whose time has come"

Foreword by Dr. Jane Jamieson

Throughout my years of study into detoxification, and supporting the healing of the body through nutrition, I have found that Living Foods and Sea Vegetables are the most nutritious and energy rich natural foods we have access to. The term "Living Food" refers to food abundant in healing enzymes and vitamins. Sea Vegetables are a powerhouse of minerals and vitamins and also contain special factors for detoxification. The combination of Living Foods and Sea Vegetables creates a powerful mixture for healing and rejuvenating the body.


I have created four workshops each focusing on a different aspect of Living Foods or Sea Vegetables: Living Foods Part I enzymes and living foods made easy; Living Foods Part II more advanced and effective methods for detoxification and enhanced healing with chlorophyll and enzymes. Sea Vegetables Part I introduces the common sea vegetables and easy ways to incorporate them into your diet. Sea Vegetables Part II focuses on using sea vegetables for enhanced healing, understanding their nutritional properties and other uses for sea vegetables.

There is an on-going programme of Living Food and Sea Vegetable Workshops, with one workshop occurring approximately once a month. The workshop format is a 4 hour practical workshop, usually taking place on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. The workshop comprises some theory to assist in understanding and motivation, food tasting and preparing, games and fun. You take away a folder full of information and recipes and a goodie bag to kick start your new healthy habit.

More information

Please contact Enabling Health to be added to the database for the Living Foods workshop programme. Enabling Health periodically runs retreats for a more in depth experience of Living Foods and Sea Vegetables. Click here for information on next retreat.

Short talks and workshops, or retreats can be arranged locally for your own group. FAQ on Living Foods


The following venues are used for the Living Foods programme:

external websiteThe Salisbury Centre
external websiteEnergyWise Health and Fitness Consultants


external websiteUK Living Foods Centre